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Paralysis, also known as sensory loss is caused due to the loss of muscles function in a part of the body. It is basically caused due to a kind of error or hindrance in the passage of message between the muscles and the brain. Paralysis can be complete or partial, its effect can be on either side of the body, it affects people at the time of sleep which can precede sleep or can immediately occur after waking up.

The damage to the nervous system is usually consistent. Out of all the various causes of Paralysis the two most common reasons that cause this ailment are stroke and trauma affecting nervous system and brain, certain other diseases like Bell's palsy, multiple sclerosis, Gullian Barre syndrome, spina bifidia can also result in this ailment .

We, at Delhi physio possess the potential to bring back the lost senses of our patients as we believe that physical therapy can lead to 99% recovery in stroke patients. As tingling sensations and numbness in affected areas are the symptoms of Paralysis, Our expert's first work to understand the type of paralysis persisting in our patient's body and then we proceed with the desired physiotherapy.

We adopt internationally recognized and scientifically assured therapy with the help of which our dedicated experts help patients in muscle re-education, improving blood circulation and increasing the level of cerebral metabolic processes. Our rehabilitation courses are great way to tackle numerous traumas, injuries and ailments.